Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Complete User Review Of V2- An Aesthetic E-Cigarette for Your Service

Although V2 cigs is an aberration socially, but are their availability across the web getting affected by it? It is believed to be one of the most heeding entities categorised as e-cig till now. And not only that its persistence to those shooting levels is still in continuation, which is far above than a mediocre moderate level. There are a few things which should be well known before you should enter into this company and its products so as to buy. So as to be completely aware that where you stand before purchasing.

It’s one of the most abounding e-cig available till date in markets is the KR808D1. It is one of best mini style e-cigs offered by V2. This 2 piece entity facilitates you with a battery and customizer that is a refilling with an atomizer unanimously combined in a single unit. It makes the refilling process quite convenient and easy because of its containment of 7 drops. Here is my short review on this amazing product.

Price analysed rating:    (3.5 / 5)
V2’s rates are quite comparable and better than the greens smoke’s one. As for the same items, but leaving a USB pass through, you will be getting 10 customizers accompanying a single battery, with a wall and a USB charger at $ 59.95 as opposing to the $ 89.95. The items available in V2’s standard kit are 10 customizers accompanying double batteries with a wall and USB charger just costing you $ 64.95.
The back fall or the thing we are not crazy about V2 cigs are their shooting battery’s cost. This pretty begins from $ 19.95, for a mere basic 150 mAh rating. The cost of the largest mAh capacity battery is $ 29.95 whose capacity is 380.

Such shooting prices are maybe because of the enduring warranty they provide us with. Then also the prices offered for these mere entities are quite unaffordable, because of so much of hike in the range.

Analysed rating on customer service:     (5 / 5)
We had to reach customer care, as there was no intimation about the shipping of our package, and the response was obtained within a span of an hour. That was the quickest response duration for our email and subsequently the package arrival was made and booted.

Electing the associated and available flavours of V2’s:      (4 / 5)
As per the high available selection range and the variety offered for flavours, we are really a fan of V2 cigs. And also offers a range of e-liquids. Do you desire for the tobacco flavour or just planning to experiment with various other flavours? It even offers you a flavour which is quite consistent in pleasing. V2 offers a wide range for the flavours in e-liquid container.

Currently their range is confined to peppermint, menthol, red and the containment of Sahara in e-liquid container. The various flavours offered in customizers are grape, cherry, chocolate and so on. Thus eventually while reviewing this product it is safe to say, it worthy enough to be brought by you. 

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